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Why Wedding Photos Matter

Why Wedding Photography Matters

Watch this 4 minute video where I explain a brief history of the importance of portraits, why you should have one, and why I should create it for you.

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Best Wishes!

So, you’re getting married! Best wishes and congratulations! I’m Storey Wilkins, a Toronto wedding photographer. While this is an amazing step in your lives together one thing you might want to consider is making sure that whatever you plan for your wedding that you include some great photographs.

Day One

It is DAY ONE of your new family and probably one of the more epic days that you’ll remember in your lifetime. So why not invest in some high-quality photographs to be able to capture the love between you? And, if you’re having more people like loved ones and guests at the wedding, it’s a chance to capture the love among your family and friends.

Define the style that suits you

Now photography is a varied art form. And wedding photography is one of the toughest forms of photography out there. The reason why is that photographers not only have to capture beauty and elegance and style, but we also have to capture moments, emotions and candids. We also have to capture the documentary events of the day; everything from the rituals like getting ready, to processing up the aisle, to exchanging vows, all the way through to the dances that are symbolic in your culture and the speeches and all the other little traditions and cultural influences that you want represented in your wedding day.

Find a photographer that excels at that style

So wedding photographers are a hearty bunch. We train for this. We prepare for this. We sacrifice a lot to be able to bring you the very best of what we have on your wedding day. What you do with the photographs is almost as important as how you select your photographer. Not only are you selecting a photographer whose personality that you can connect with, and whose images from other weddings seems to be something you could imagine yourself in, but now the wedding has happened, you have fallen in love with your photographer because they have been so great to have around, the whole process has gone well…now what do you do with the photographs?

Order a wedding album

I am a big advocate for a beautiful wedding album, a beautiful bound book that will be able to tell the story of your day as you turn page after page, reliving what an amazing day that was and what it symbolizes in terms of the birth of your new family.

Purchase the digital images

In today’s digital age you can now make as many copies of your digital images as you want. I suggest you purchase them from your photographer and then I suggest that you enjoy sharing them. Whether you print up copies at your local lab and send them out with all your thank you notes to your guests when you are thanking them for their gifts. Think, “Here are a few photos that I included of you on the dance floor.” Guests love that.

Print and display your favourites

Getting your favourite wedding photos on your walls, matting and hanging them and displaying them where you can walk by them daily is going to continually remind you of the start of the most important relationship in your world.

Toronto couples

So, I am happy to discuss all of this with you further. If you are a Toronto area couple and you have a wedding coming up and you still have not booked your photographer, just pick up the phone and call me or email me and I would be happy to discuss the process with you and figure out how best I can serve you so that we can continue celebrating our love of life, and the love of photography, together.