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Playing Airplane on the Bed by Storey Wilkins

Candid photo playing airplane on the Bed: A family portrait by Storey Wilkins that exudes joy and family love for this mom dad sister and brother.

The Airplane Game: This is one of my favorite activities to get a young family to play during their portrait session. It's called airplane. Each parent lifts a child into the air using their legs to hold them up and their arms to stabilize them. It always results in squeals of laughter.

Toronto Professional Family Portraits by Storey Wilkins Photography look natural, thoughtful and emotional. It may have been taken during a professional session but it has an organic feeling, like they just happened to have a picture taken of them during play time that they feel really represents them.

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Location: Cabbagetown, Toronto.

Keywords: casual (22), family (58), fun (30), indoor (31), summer (19). 1/400; f/2.0; ISO 1600; 50.0 mm.