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Toronto Family Portrait Photographer Storey Wilkins

Looking for a family portrait photographer in Toronto that will capture relaxed, happy images? Contact Storey Wilkins Photography to book your session.

Somewhere Between a Baby Downward Dog and a Push Up

This super active adorable baby was having her 8 month portrait taken on the dining room table when she popped into this hilarious pose that I captured. A Classic Baby Portrait with a Fun Twist.

A classic baby portrait starts with getting the baby to look at the camera and smile. However, this session took an adorable twist when this little cutie decided to ham things up with a baby push-up or two during the portrait session. I am not sure if this was her version of a downward dog or a push up. Ether way it was so funny that I had to capture a photograph of it. The beaming smile along with it just warms my heart. What a cutie! Note that her parents were on either side of the table ready to keep her safe if she got near the edge.

Toronto baby photographer that focuses on safety first, with loads of fun too.

Location: Allenby private home, Toronto.

Keywords: baby (40), fun (30), house (29), playful (25), portrait (82). 1/200; f/4.0; ISO 2500; 50.0 mm.