First Snowfall: Family Photograph in Toronto Backyard
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Spring Snowfall Family Photo in Toronto Backyard

I often get asked if we should wait until summer or fall to photograph a family. I always say there is beauty in every season and every location. March and April are often unpredictable months for weather in Toronto, so I recommend we begin indoors and then venture outside if the conditions are right (and especially if it snows). This is baby's first snowfall, and a very special moment that I captured for this family. The location for this magical moment was the back of their driveway on an otherwise bleak early spring morning. The lightly falling snow was the perfect addition to the moment.

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Location: The Annex, Toronto.

Keywords: baby (40), house (29), outdoor (60), parents (24), romantic (6). 1/200; f/4.0; ISO 640; 105.0 mm.