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Looking for something that showcases where you work?

An environmental portrait is often about you in your ‘space’ – your business – your world! It is designed to carefully blend who you are with a dynamic connection. Like the modern portrait it can involve dramatic looks and is helped by:

  • Flattering yet active posing that often involved movement
  • Having a dynamic viewpoint,
  • Is usually (but not always) photographed in a real world (non-studio) environment, and
  • May involve a strong pose to catch the viewers eye and make them feel connected to you, or

So, many of us have different needs as to how we are portrayed in professional portrait photography. This may include such things as lifestyle photography, location shoots, real estate portraits, and entrepreneur portraits.

Please call to discuss your needs.

Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Keywords: headshot (17), portrait (82). 1/180; f/2.0; ISO 1000; 56.0 mm.