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Two common styles of headshots these days are traditional and modern.

In both cases, we discuss how to ‘show you’ to your best advantage. We discuss clothing, hair and make-up. We discuss good places to shoot that will give your portrait session variety.

A ‘Traditional’ portrait often echoes the respectful boardroom-styled portraits that have come before us across time, with quiet dignity and a direct connection to the viewer. These portraits are almost always lit with our portable lighting system. Clothing choices are often subdued and formal to suit the formality of the image.

A ‘Modern’ portrait image (like this one) will often be photographed against a simple light or dark background with clean, modern lighting usually lit with our clamshell lighting system. This is often a request to match in with a consistent theme on the corporate website. The modern portrait may have a unique off-centre composition like this one.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario.

1/200; f/13.0; ISO 160; 135.0 mm.