Toronto High Key Headshot by Storey Wilkins
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Toronto High Key Headshot by Storey Wilkins

Toronto High Key Headshot by Storey Wilkins using a white backdrop and shallow depth of field with a flattering clamshell lighting for this fresh look.

Your corporate headshot is the first impression to your clients or customers. It communicates your personality and professionalism. Whether a big corporation, a small business, or even a sole proprietor, it portrays your personal brand. What could be more important?

My professional headshot photography service is tailored to showcase you in your best light, working within your requirements based on how your images will be used.

Your company may have specifications for pictures for their website, for example, a white backdrop or specific image size. Any of these can be easily accommodated. You may want a different feel for your online profile picture and again, this can easily be done during the same headshot session. This image was used for her philanthropic work where she wanted a more relaxed pose.

Location: Oakville, Ontario.

Keywords: headshot (17), modern (6), professional (9), toronto (74), white (5). 1/250; f/1.6; ISO 800; 85.0 mm.