Richmond Hill Family Portrait Mother and Children
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Portrait of a mother with her three children

The pose can make or break how much you love the photograph. For many of my clients, if the pose looks stiff or lifeless, the family won't connect with the image emotionally, and photograph will not be loved.

Part of my family portrait process is to start with a flattering position for everyone where I can see each of your faces. Then I get you moving, interacting and laughing while I take photographs from a distance. The result is a natural, thoughtful and emotional capture.

This amazing mom is absolutely present in the moment. Playtime often demands full attention and lots of energy. For mothers, this focused engagement with their children can be a rewarding experience as they witness the wonder and imagination and joy of their little ones.

Play can be a form of stress relief for mothers as wel, especially during a photo shoot. Participating in playful activities with their children can help mothers unwind, forget about their worries temporarily, and create a sense of lightheartedness in the moment.

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Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Keywords: family (58), group portraits (30), outdoor (60), summer (19). 1/640; f/4.0; ISO 500; 98.0 mm.