Oakville Wedding Photography at Appleby College
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Oakville Wedding Photography at Appleby College

Appleby College wedding photos are usually beautiful because the chapel and school grounds are gorgeous. This wedding started at a private residence.

Located to serve mid-town Toronto, GTA, & here Oakville - I have the best wedding photographers job of recording a joyful grand day for bridal couples.

That procession down the aisle, and leaving the church is such a special moment for a couple - especially here where the bride is an alumni of Appleby College. From the cool of the interior to the warmth of the sun streaming down - the words 'perfect day' are apt.

'Who is the best wedding photographer?' is a common question. I would answer that here by saying it's someone who understands the importance and relevance of every image taken and why it was taken. The iconic exit from the church says 'wedding' like few other images, and it will be timeless long after the current trends have dated.

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Location: Appleby College 540 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6K 3P1.

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