Toronto Elegant Bridal Portrait Photo by Storey Wilkins
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Toronto Elegant Bridal Portrait Photo by Storey Wilkins

A quiet moment becomes a bridal portrait sitting on the edge of the bed with the huge mirror in the background with a simple pose & legs crossed elegantly.

This was taken in the bedroom where she dressed shortly before heading downstairs for the ceremony.
It's often seen as one of those 'glib' comments - but a wedding day truly does go quickly - particularly when you are the veritable epicenter of the action. I understand that my job is to record the wedding day in all it's glory by being part of it. It's not a photoshoot - its a wedding.

I'm observing you keenly all day - often from a distance through a long lens - and sometimes much closer. You, your family, and your friends well being is paramount to me. So if can give you a moments peace in this fun chaotic day I will.

Location: Cricket Club, Toronto.

1/640; f/1.4; ISO 3200; 85.0 mm.