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COVID-19 Wedding


COVID-19 and Your Wedding Day

For Toronto and GTA couples who recently engaged, congratulations. I am delighted for you! While your original vision for your wedding day may not be possible this year, know that getting married is possible and will be a wonderful experience for you.

Wedding Photography
$580 PER HOUR + plus HST
Includes $300 print credit towards products sold on the SWP STORE
(must order within 30 days of wedding)
Add a 30 minute booster $290 plus tax (includes a $150 print credit)

Now What?

As a trusted professional wedding photographer, I can help you RE-IMAGINE YOUR WEDDING DAY with smaller, shorter stress-free options for getting married. It's time to consider elopements, micro weddings, short stories, backyard weddings, small venue weddings and more...

Did COVID-19 Affect your Wedding Plans?

Was Your Wedding Postponed because of COVID-19? You are not alone. Thousands of couples across the GTA and Ontario had to do the same. With so many events postponed during the first and second wave of the pandemic in Toronto, many couples are rethinking the format of their rescheduled wedding day with a smaller and shorter event in mind. Short and sweet, as they say.

What do we do Now?

With many deposits lost and guest travel plans non-refundable, you may be reluctant to plan the rescheduled wedding with the same venue, timeline, guest list and elegant trimmings. Now its time to talk about other possibilities:

  1. Postpone until 2022
  2. Elope as soon as it is safe
    (and throw a big party in 2022)
  3. Shrink to a Micro Wedding, or
  4. Hang in there and make a last minute decision with help from your vendors.

Re-Imagine, Re-Invent, Re-ignite!

Enter the SHORT STORY (or micro wedding). Many of my couples are planning a new kind of wedding than the one they originally planned, including:

  • Short and sweet weddings
    (shorter day, fewer guests, same luxury), or
  • Local elopements
    (tiny beautiful intimate events),

Try not to look at this as a downgrade. This could be a lovely intimate event, with the potential to be even more special than your original vision for your wedding. Silver Linings!

Local Elopements & Small Weddings Still Need Great Wedding Vendors

Regardless of the size or format, it is still your wedding day. I hope you will:

  • Treat yourself to the gown you always wanted.
  • Hire the best hair and make-up artist.
  • Order exquisite food and fine wine.
  • Hire me to photograph the day.
  • Surround yourself in a safe space that exudes beauty and love.

You will never regret making the most of your wedding day.


Your Wedding Photographer Steps Up

Many photographers insist on a minimum coverage of 8 hours. Understandably. They need to earn a living. Yet, if you decide on a shorter wedding you may only need a photographer for one or two hours, maybe three or four hours. I can customize a plan that is just right for you (no pressure for a longer coverage).


Introducing SHORT STORIES:

Fabulously Fun Wedding Photography in Under Four Hours

One of the interesting trends in weddings has been a shift to hiring the most experienced photographer you can find for the shortest amount of time on your wedding day, maximizing the quality of your images with minimal intrusion by the photographer.

Short & Sweet

No more than four hours of wedding photography is ideal if you want a refined and streamlined experience with me as your photographer. When you want:

  • an exceptionally skilled and thoughtful photographer to capture the essence of your elegant single location wedding.
  • a high quality mix of portraits and reportage documentation.

Capturing Joy

I will make as many lovely story-telling images as I can in the time that we have together including:

  • your love for each other,
  • joyous moments,
  • interactions with family and friends, &
  • the energy and atmosphere

These are all important to capture in a unique and real way. You will feel beyond satisfied with the experience and will relax into your dinner party or luncheon knowing that all they key images have been beautifully recorded.

Zephyr Ontario Farm Wedding: Passionate Newlyweds Kiss


The essential photography takes place during these four parts of the day:

  1. ONE HOUR: Getting Ready, finishing touches, and individual portraits
  2. ONE HOUR: Ceremony and exchange of vows
  3. ONE HOUR: Family portraits and newlywed portraits
  4. ONE HOUR: Cocktail party and the entrance into your luncheon or dinner party

Where to Start?

Pick a Planner

The best place to start is to enlist the help of a wedding coordinator. The list of event planners in The Wedding Co. online Marketplace is extensive. As you search the list, look for a planner that seems to emulate the vibe or mood you would like to set for your wedding. That usually means they will be the right fit for you.

Select a Venue

Toronto boasts some of the most amazing venues for events like weddings. Even the biggest venues can offer smaller intimate spaces for your short and sweet wedding. The variety of styles, offerings, amenities and architectural features is vast. Your planner can certainly help you with your decision. I can also offer my opinion if needed on which venues are the best for photography.

Find an Officiant

I love these people. They marry people for a living. How wonderful is that??!!

Select a Gown

OK, this is one of my favourite parts. Wedding dress shopping can be a great joy, especially if you are working with one of The Wedding Co. dressmakers. I am often struck speechless when I see their thoughtful flattering designs.

Envision a Theme

The jaw dropping designs, decor, florals and accessories that I see at weddings would leave even the most uninspired person feeling overcome. Enlist someone from The Wedding Co. vendor list for this and watch their artistry unfold.

Pick the Menu

These caterers are amazing!!! They customize menus to suit you and deliver top quality meals

Book Hair and Make-up

I love these beauty teams. They will make you look and feel even more beautiful than you already are.

Consider Cinematography

We work right along side these talented media teams. They capture video and live stream, we capture stills. Together we make magic happen.

Find a Photographer

That's me!

A Lush Garden Scroll at Toronto Hunt Club by the Lake

Wedding Photography
$400/hour + plus HST

Includes $100 print credit
per hour of photography

Wedding Photography
$400/hour + plus HST

Includes $100 print credit
per hour of photography

Add a 20 Page Lay Flat Album, Printed Cover 12x12" for $755