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Are you wondering "Who is the best wedding photographer for me?" In addition bringing the theme and vibe of your wedding to life in photographs, your photographer should make you feel and look great. This is where I excel.

My strong reputation in the industry is based on being great to work with, delivering high quality images and making each of my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera. I combine traditional portraits with emotional candids and great documentary images to give you the best story of your day.

Your wedding is DAY ONE of your new family. It will be an amazing day. You deserve beautiful photographs. The photographs will tell a great story about your love for each other, the love among your family and friends, and the joyful atmosphere of the day.

Whether you want a SHORT STORY or a FULL DAY of photography, I will customize a package and price to suit you. I will be one of the best decisions you made when planning your wedding day. Let me help you find the best wedding photography package for you.

As your wedding photographer I will deliver a blend of traditional, candid and documentary photographs that exude joy and love.

"One of the 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers," Wedding Bells Magazine

"Everyone we’ve shown our photos to can’t get over the care and thoughtfulness you put into capturing our wedding, and we couldn’t agree more. For a day that is famous for going by ‘too fast,’ you captured the feeling and the memories beautifully and we’re incredibly grateful." Geoff & Sue

Blended Approach

I approach each wedding with an eye for making an equal amount of:

  • Traditional Photographs: timeless classic poses, lots of smiling at the camera, sharp and clean images
  • Candid Photographs: authentic and lightly directed of-the-moment images that have movement and a variety of expression
  • Documentary Style Photographs: journalistic and story-telling images captured unobtrusively to encourage uninterrupted emotion.

The joyous moments, the relationships with family and friends, the energy and the atmosphere are all important to capture in a unique and real way. As well as recording those priceless candid moments, I totally love making a variety of elegantly arranged, relaxed posed photographs of you and your families.

Types of Weddings

As a Toronto wedding photographer I welcome every religion, culture, gender, LGBTQ, location, theme, season, ceremony type and style of wedding, including:

  • Locations (city, cottage, farm, etc)
  • Faiths
  • Cultures
  • Traditions
  • LGBTQ Weddings
  • Second Marriages & and Vow Renewals
  • Destination Weddings
  • Micro Weddings & Local Elopements
  • Short Stories (one to four hours of photography)
  • Ceremonies (Traditional, Interfaith, Non-Denominational, Civil, Formal, Informal)
  • Styles | Themes | Formats | Vibes, including:
    • Traditional (Classic) Weddings
    • Rustic
    • Industrial
    • Festival
    • Romantic
    • Alternative
    • Vintage
    • Whimsical
    • Modern
    • Garden Party
    • Casual Elegance

I will bring my same high level of enthusiasm to every event and I look forward to recording it beautifully for you.

Your Story

It's very much your day and the story of your day. I work closely with you and your wedding coordinator to make sure that I can achieve the high standard of professional photography I am known for in as relaxed an atmosphere as possible.

Feeling Comfortable

My strong reputation in the Toronto wedding industry is based not only on my quality photography but my ability to make each of my clients feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. The best way I could put it to you is that my second photographer and I "fit in like friends who have come to do the photography."

Qualified & Experienced

I started my wedding photography business over 20 years ago. I have photographed hundreds of weddings of all sizes, lengths, styles, cultures, religions, and genders. I give my ALL to every wedding and I continue to push my creative and technical boundaries at each event to bring you the best of what my team has to offer.

I am not sure what benefits me more at weddings: My Masters of Photographic Arts designation or my Masters of Psychology degree. Either way, I will be there for you as your photographer, friend, helper, and amateur psychologist (if needed).

Key Strengths

Together with my second photographer, we tend to excel at:

  • Taking great candid photographs,
  • Capturing fleeting moments,
  • Quickly finessing poses so that you look like the beautiful person that you are,
  • Smoothly orchestrating group portraits including extended families and big bridal parties,
  • Smiling and engaging politely with you and your families and guests, and
  • Recording the atmosphere of your wedding beautifully.

Powerful Wedding Day Storyteller

Telling a great wedding story with photographs that are joyful, professional and powerful is visual communication at its best. Documenting your thoughts and feelings as your wedding day races by is a skill. Translating it into a wonderful wedding album is an art.

It is essential that your wedding photographs are technically excellent as well as emotionally rich. The photographs should tell a great story…your story…about your two worlds coming together. The joyous moments, the relationships with family and friends, the energy and the atmosphere: are all important to capture in a unique and real way.

Muskoka Church a Perfect Wedding DestinationReliable

I am reliable at every phase of the process, from your initial meeting to the presentation of the final photographs, so that you will never doubt your choice of photographer. A sense of style, a sense of calm, and above all, a sense of fun! These are the elements that I bring to you.


On your wedding day, I have the privilege of being able to tell your story through a series of intimate, meaningful and natural photographs. These photographs will capture the very best of you and show a great deal about your love for each other (and the love among your family and friends).

I will create an artistic record of your wedding so that your children and grandchildren will be able to appreciate "what you were all about, back then." What an honor.

"Wow. I'm not sure we have the words to express how wonderful it has been to work with you and how incredibly professional, thoughtful and absolutely adorable you are. From our first meeting to our wedding day and the little packages received in the mail . . . all is evidence for the passion you clearly have for capturing the essence of emotion. Many thanks for all your work and for being so wonderful on the day, which is now so perfectly captured." Julie & Dan

Hart House Wedding has Ceremony under Convocation Tent

The Right Fit for You

If you think I will be the right fit for you, please check my availability as soon as possible to ensure my availability for your wedding day.

Helpful Tips and Timelines

How long should I hire my photographer for?

Since this is probably your first wedding, I have compiled a list of helpful tips and sample timelines to help you visualize how the day might go and help you determine how long you want your photographer there for. Read here for helpful tips on your wedding day.

Toronto Photography Prices

How much does wedding photography cost?

Are you wondering, "How much does a wedding photographer cost in Canada?" There is no one clear answer as every photographer sets the terms for their own services, products and fees. Here are my 2020 rates so that you can get an accurate, no surprises, idea of what to expect.

Please contact me for a personalized quote.

Wedding Albums

Should I Purchase a Wedding Album?

I strongly advise you to purchase your wedding album, and to do so before your wedding occurs. It will be the most beautiful and sentimental book you ever own. I make the selection, design and approval process easy so that you avoid the hassles that come with yet another wedding to-do. You will have a timeless, classic elegant album that will reflect the beauty, love and energy of your wedding day. It will be a show piece for many generations in your family. Read more about why wedding albums are so valuable.

Art Gallery of Ontario Wedding in Walker Court


COVID-19 related cancellations and postponements: Review my up-to-date information on policies around rescheduling your wedding date. I also have helpful suggestions for COVID-19 affected weddings regarding the photography for your rescheduled event. I also encourage you to read more about my Short Stories wedding coverage for those leaning towards a shorter simpler fete.

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