Getting Ready at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
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Getting Ready at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

In the airy and bright Jasper room at the Four Seasons, it's 'all hands to the dress' - mom and sister fuss and fluff the bride to elegant perfection.

Whether it's your favourite bridesmaids, your sister, your mom - this 'getting ready' part of the the day can be emotional, hilarious, chaotic, finely stressed - but always memorable.

Toronto Wedding Photography at The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto: This chic and understated hotel has a quiet sophisticated ambiance with meeting rooms (like the Jasper room pictured here) and bedrooms that have soft clean light, and slick modern architecture - beautiful for photography.

Your wedding needs a photographer that can be discreet, fly-on-the-wall when needed, and totally, pleasantly in-control when those joyous, and often jumbly, family groups need to be recorded beautifully. Anyone can catch a lucky moment - it's getting everything right that matters.

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Location: Four Seasons Hotel 60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 0A4, (416) 964-0411.

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