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Cottage Wedding Photography by Storey | Sturgeon Point


Up to 4 hours of photography for MICRO weddings, BIG PARTY weddings and ELOPEMENTS: Fabulously fun wedding photography in UNDER FOUR HOURS

"Whether it’s an issue of budget, a desire for intimacy, or simply not wanting to fuss over all the grand details, not every couple seeks a huge wedding celebration, so why should they be pushed into either the big-party corner or the quick-elopement corner?

The micro wedding offers a middle ground that allows couples to have their tiny cake, and to eat it with those they care about most. Many couples prefer a smaller and shorter event for their nuptials. Short and sweet, as they say." from REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE August 2019

Short Stories

Enter the SHORT STORY. Many of my couples are planning short and sweet weddings at smaller venues with a shorter time frame, often during the daytime, and with fewer guests. These are usually lovely lovely intimate events,

Many photographers insist on a minimum coverage of 8 hours. Understandably. They need to earn a living. Yet, if you decide on a shorter wedding you may only need a photographer for up to four hours. I can help you.

A Cottage Wedding with Photography Under Four HoursSturgeon Point Cottage Wedding

Introducing SHORT STORIES:
Fabulously Fun Wedding Photography in Under Four Hours

One of the interesting trends in weddings has been a shift to hiring the most experienced photographer you can find for the shortest amount of time on your wedding day, maximizing the quality of your images with minimal intrusion by the photographer.

I am thrilled to offer SHORT STORIES wedding photography. I will photograph the key elements of your wedding day, and be out of your hair within four hours (or less if you prefer)...

I am the perfect fit for couples looking for a shorter, yet excellent quality, photography coverage.

Short and Sweet

Four hours of wedding photography is ideal if you want a refined and streamlined experience with your photographer. You want:

  • an exceptionally skilled and thoughtful photographer to capture the essence of your elegant single location wedding.
  • a high quality mix of portraits and reportage documentation.

You do not want:

  • a LOT of photographs
  • the photographer to capture everything from morning to night
  • to pay for 8 hours of photography when you only want four.

Capturing Joy

My approach to your wedding is to make as many lovely story-telling images as I can in the time that we have together including:

  • your love for each other,
  • joyous moments,
  • interactions with family and friends,
  • fun energy and atmosphere

These are all important to capture in a unique and real way.

As we part ways at the end of your cocktail party you will feel beyond satisfied with the experience and will then relax into their reception knowing that all they key images have been beautifully recorded.

An Intimate Beautiful Church Wedding Sturgeon PointSturgeon Point Union Church


Plan for one hour for each part of the day that you would like captured. If you only want one, two or three parts covered then great, you will have a one, two or three hour coverage.

The four hour coverage includes the following four parts of the day:

  1. Getting Ready, finishing touches, and individual portraits (1 hour)
  2. Ceremony and exchange of vows (1 hour)
  3. Family portraits and newlywed portraits (1 hour)
  4. Cocktail party and the entrance into your reception (1 hour)

Post Ceremony Bliss for this Cottage CoupleFamily Portraits and Newlywed Portraits | Sturgeon Lake Wedding

Detailed Timeline

Here is a look at a typical four hour wedding photography timeline:

FIRST HOUR - You will be finished with hair and make up when I arrive at the preparation site. I will capture the finishing touches and take some nice quiet portraits.

We will include family and attendants that are with you in some portraits at this time. If the two of you are getting ready separately and you want some photos at each location, plan for 45 minutes per location.

SECOND HOUR - I will head to the ceremony site ahead of you, to photograph guests arriving and capture the pre-ceremony energy and ambiance.

The ceremony will be glorious and the meet and greet right after will be joyful. I will capture as much of this energy and love as I can with primarily candid photographs.

THIRD HOUR - As guests head to the party I will gather your bridal party and families for some formal photographs. As soon as we are finished these we will invite your loved ones to head to the party.

At this point I will create some lovely portraits of just the two of you that will include a variety of full length, close up, formal, casual, romantic, and fun photographs.

FOURTH HOUR - You will regroup with your guests and I will take some candid shots of guests enjoying the cocktail reception.

If there are any additional formal photographs desired we will take this time to finish them. I am always available for any photo request you may have before I leave. Just ask!

Cottage Weddings have Great Cocktail PartiesWedding Day Cocktail Party | Cottage Wedding

Pricing and Booking

Depending on the hours and photographic products you require, I will customize a package for you.

Wedding Photography
$300 PER HOUR + plus HST
Prints, images, albums, frames, etc. are available to purchase separately.

A complete set of high-resolution digital images may be purchased for $980 plus tax.